Change Your Life With Mind Movies

If you want to change your life, implementing mind movies into your daily routine will bring results faster as if you do it with pure will.

Most of what happens in your life is base on beliefs, which have been programmed since early childhood and are set in your subconscious mind. If you try to change anything limiting beliefs might be blocking you. If you try to change these beliefs saying affirmations, these limiting beliefs stand in the way. The most effective way to change anything is done if you bypass the conscious thinking and this works with subliminals.

You can use subliminal audio recordings or mind movies using the subliminal function.

You can watch your mind movie seeing it clearly and then you can turn the transparency high so you barely see it. You would have your mind movie run while you work on your computer. You can write and click through it. Though you barely see it, the messages send through images and affirmations are going straight to your subconscious mind.

Mind Movies offers videos in which you are explained fully how and why visualization works to get what you want. In the third video Natalie from Mind Movies explains, how you should plan your life and what you should do before you make your mind movie.

1. Get clear about what you want

Be precise when you write down where and how you want to live.

Determine the town and the area in the town where you want to live. Describe your apartment or house into detail. Don’t forget to describe the view you will have from there.
What car will you drive?
What will be your work? How many hours will you work per day? What will you do after work?
With what people will you spend your time?
How much money do you want to earn monthly?
Describe what type of person you want to be. Describe the body you want to have. Describe your character.
Do you want to learn something new such as a new skill or a foreign language?
Do you have spiritual goals?

2. Write down positive affirmations

Look at your goals and desire and phrase affirmations. Think that they have to be in present tense. For example: I am successful. I am happy. I easily create 50.000 Dollars a month.

3. Use images to visualize your goals and desires

You can make a vision board and a mind movie. A mind movie is of course much more powerful as a vision board. Find images in magazines and brochures to make a vision board and make a mind movie, where you find images in the software. You can also use images from your computer or from online.

See yourself already in possession of what you wish in life.

4. Use music

Music tracks are offered in the mind movies software. Watching your mind movie with music, makes it even more powerful.

Watch the Videos of Mind Movies. It’s free.

Mind Movies Create Your Future 300x41 Change Your Life With Mind Movies

Mind Movies will change your life, if you use it daily. Think that you will reach your goals faster. Start to live the life you really want to live.