Change Your Look

Change Your Look

Change Your Look Squ

Beauty is more than just a beautiful face. Beauty consists of the inside (soul and spirit) which radiates, and the outside, the material part of us, which underlies wearing down and aging: face, body. The base of beauty is health and happiness.Happiness should be part of life and not a special moment, which occurs from time to time. Happiness, when deeply grounded, does not vanish when a problem occurs. It is embedded at the inside and with the years it more and more shows at the outside. It can be improved by personal development techniques, which I call improvement of mental wellbeing.Maybe you are lucky and had parents who made you grow up with this best friend called “happiness”, which stays with you through good and bad times, which gives you inside strength to endure tough times, which radiates wherever you appear and attracts people who are as fulfilled with happiness as you are. Maybe you had to learn yourself later on in life to get into “the know of constant happiness”. Be it that you read lots of books which were filled with insides of lasting youth, or you meditated regularly or you were tought by someone who lives in the light of the know. Why I use the word “know” and the phraseology “in the know” instead of the word knowledge: It reminds me to the last words Fred Alan Wolf said in the film “The Secret”, which was: Live in the know instead of in the now.” There is not really a now, but there will always be knowing.

Many people are not really happy. They need alcohol to force it to have fun and believe that this is a moment of happiness. But the alcohol and drug happiness is over when they wake up next morning with a heavy head.

What has this to do with beauty and being beautiful? Quite a bit. To achieve real beauty we need to work from the inside out. First on our personality and then we should cherish the beauty around us which strengthens happiness within, before decorating the outside of our material body. To feel good physically we have tonourish our body well, do sports and have a fulfilled private and professional life.


Beauty selective

It is of importance to give attention to your skin, the largest organ. Clean it twice daily and nourish it with creams which are right for your individual skin type.

The beuaty of your smile is powerful. It will show your teeth. Daily care and a visit at a twice a year will keep your teeth healthy..

And let us have fun with decorative make up. Change your look for every occasion. Change your look with the season and stay en vogue.

Wearing fashionable clothes and makeup accentuates beauty.
Choose good material for your clothes and choose good quality skin care products and other cosmetic products, especially for decorative makeup.