How To Achieve Your Goals

How To Achieve Your Goals

How to Achieve Your GoalsLet us assume you set a goal that is quite high. You can see achieve it as you visualize it, but your belief to be able to achieve it is not firm enough. You then start acting to realize it as fast as possible. At the first obstacle fear that you can’t make it sets in, you lose your vision to achieve it and somehow you give up.

I take as an example weight loss. A woman who is very much overweight, plans to lose all the excess body fat fast. From one day to the other she goes on a strict diet, which is very difficult on her already during the first few days. She feels hungry and week. She starts to question, if she can make it. On the first occasion when some food, that she should not eat, is offered to her, she grabs it. Short after she feels bad having eaten something that is not part of her strict diet.

She forces herself back to her strict diet, but feels weaker and thinks more and more of food that she is used to eat, but should not now. She again gets off her weight loss diet just for one meal. She has lost some weight and puts on a little when she eats more as she should. She sees nothing wrong with having some more food from time to time. But then somehow comes the day when she is fully going back to her old eating habits. She actually has not planned to not go back. She thought she would only eat less until she has lost her excess body weight and then she would go back to her old eating habit.

She has not achieved her goal. Why? And how can you achieve any of your goals?

This woman should have planned to lose weight over a longer period of time and should have slowly changed her eating habits, thinking that she will stay with it for good. She then should have slowly lost the weight to give the body time to get used to the new feeling. Besides, you can’t achieve a weight loss goal if you deprive yourself of food.

Goals on Track

 How to achieve your goals?

1. Determine your goal. Make sure that you are able to see yourself achieve it in your mind.

2. Think about what action you have to take to begin. What is the first step you have to take to achieve your goal.

3. Make a preliminary plan about major steps you have to take to achieve your goal, but do not think about them. When you think of the last few steps before you finally achieve your goal at the very beginning,, fear might set in. You might get scared that your goal is too high and with those thoughts you create obstacles that might make you give up.

4. Start with the first action. Concentrate on this first action. Do it a little better as you believe you are able to do it. You always can do something a little bit better. Do not think of the following steps, but don’t lose the vision that you will achieve your goal.

5. As you have reached the first step to achieve your goal, your belief in really achieving it,will grow a bit. You adapt to the fact that you have taken the first step. Things around you will start to change and you will know what to do next.

6. Now, concentrate on the next step of your plan and don’t think what is in front of you. It will be easy to take the second step and you will adapt to the new height.

7. Go on to take one step and do one action at a time to get nearer to the top, where you will have achieved your goal.

8. With each step you take, your belief that you can achieve your goal will grow.

Use visualization techniques. Visualizing is very powerful and it will absolutely support you to reach your goals. The most effective visualization tool is Mind Movies. It will make everything look easier.

If fear does set in on any point on the way to your goal, face it. It will be gone quickly. But it is best to just brush fear away. Think that fear does not help you to achieve anything, it is only a blockage.

The step-by-step method is the best approach to achieve any of your goals. Think that it is good if you get used to each new situation and as you adjust to it, it will be easy to take the next step.