The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness
is found in the Understanding of Oneness
in compassion and attachement

When I have recently listened to a speech of HH the Dalai Lama, I thought and understood that what he talked about was the key to happiness and I have decided to share that with you.

Keep your body and mind pure.
What is meant is obvious. Eat natural food and do not think negative thoughts.

a) When you are grocery shopping, look at the label and do not buy foods with more than 3 ingredients on the list of ingredients. Most of industrial produced foods should be avoided. Buy more natural foods and these are: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit and berries, and nuts.
b) Think positive thoughts and believe in positive things to happen: In some of my articles, I explain that whenever you catch yourself having a negative thought, whisk it away and focus on something beautiful and positive.
c) You can physically and mentally cleanse yourself with meditation.

Do not think thoughts that bring suffering into your life or into the life of others. Think thoughts that have happiness and pleasure as a result.

We are all single persons amongst many. If you are only thinking of yourself, your goals and wishes and your happiness, you will not stop your suffering and pain. You will profit much more, if you also think of other people and how to help them to live a better and happier life. This is, because we are all one and if you just think of yourself, discovering people who suffer and require help, you too will suffer as we are all one on many levels.

We are all linked with each other
1. We are linked in our minds
2. we are linked in this life and
3. we are linked on this planet
4. we are linked in what we understand as our reality.

If you wish someone something bad, it is you who will suffer.
If you do harm to someone, it is you who will suffer.

As we are all one in our mind, all people who are near you (geographically near you and in your thoughts near you) will influence you and be influenced from you, as they are part of you and you are part of the all. If someone suffers, also you will feel miserable. It does not matter, who caused the suffering, you or someone else.

The Key of Happiness is in the NOW

f you take care solely for your own happiness, you will not attain it. In a superior sphere, there is only NOW and you should think of the now, as you could also suffer from past as from future sufferings. This means that you should focus on the present moment and not think backward or forward to things which are negative, because these thoughts make you suffer.

The Key of Happiness is in bringing happiness to others

If you exhibit compassion or rather commiseration for the suffering of others, it will help you to overcome your pain. Help someone who needs help and you will feel good about having helped.

If you only think of your own happiness and joy, you can’t achieve it. You are not whole, if you don’t let others gain with you. If you help others to be happy and feel happiness, you will be happier and feel a strong happiness.

If you reject selfishness and get rid of self-centeredness, you will tremendously gain.
If you pray or meditate or just think, think of all others and not only of yourself and your own goals and your own happiness.
As you carry happiness and joy to others, you will benefit and bring more happiness and joy to yourself.

If something happens in one part of the world, the rest of the world is impacted by it. We have to think all as part of us, meaning that we are all part of a oneness. You should more think as WE, instead as me.

When you are angry, it is the I, the ego that engages with an object. If you fully understand that objects have no reality, you will settle down and stop your anger.

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The Key of Happiness is in the ALL

When you improve attachment, look at all dimensions.

You have to give up distorted and harmful thoughts, such as anger, hate, jealousy and greed. Instead of hate you feel kindheartedness. Instead of anger feel joy. It is a decision what you think and what you feel. It is Your Decision!

Improve a holistic view of things. See not only one facet of a thing, but see things from several points of view, from several directions and dimensions.

For most people the appearance plays a large part. Instead of focusing only on one facet – the appearance level, find out what the exact nature of things is, the true appearance of it. If you always do that, you will calm down and experience a deeper pleasure, a greater happiness.

To realize what reality is, do not only look at the external appearance, instead understand the reality of things. If you have the impression that things or others are not dependent of others, you are wrong. Everything, you, every other person and every thing, is part of the all, as we all are part of the all.

The visual appearance is only perceived, but is something else. It just seems that things have their impartial reality. But this is an illusion. It only appears to you that things actually exist.

Objects have no genuine reality. The conception that things have their unique nature is false. Formal reality doesn’t exist. Things have no real nature.

When you have negative emotions, you give meaning and criteria to what you feel negative about, which makes no sense.

You might now think that there is emptiness. There is no emptiness. What is the characteristic of emptiness? To say that matter has no true nature does not necessarily mean that the existence of objects is negated; only the separate existence is negated. Things have no impartial existence. Practically nothing exists impartial from the all there is.

Understanding that you would have no worries and no suffering, but live your life with more happiness and joy is the key to happiness. Give up the single mindedness of focusing on the external appearance of matter and think more of the interdependency of everything. Stop focusing on objects. They just don’t have any intrinsic significance or reality.

If you make happiness dependend that something or someone might make you happy, you will not find real and lasting happiness. Real and lasting happiness should be part of your mindset and is a habit. Make happiness your usual characteristic and you will feel and radiate it. If you are in the lasting happiness, you will draw happy people, happy situations and wonderful things toward you.