Change Your Life With Subliminals

Change Your Life With Subliminals

Subliminals are powerful to support you in your life change

Subliminals are tools to effectively support you to change your life, if you listen to one or more daily for 4 weeks or longer.

Subliminals are audio recordings with spoken affirmations or video recordings with spoken and written messages.. The spoken words are not heard as the spoken recording was converted to a frequency that is not heard by the human ears, but they are heard by the subconscious mind. The written words in subliminal videos are barely seen.

Subliminals are much more effective as if you try to change one or more aspects of your life with your will and effort, because the messages send to the subconscious mind bypass the conscious thinking and can therefore not be blocked by false and limiting beliefs that are firmly set in your mind.

If you try to change a belief, a habit or a thought pattern with your will and with effort, you will most probably quickly relapse to your old beliefs and habits, because the beliefs and habits are programmed in the subconscious mind and if the subconscious mind is not in line with the conscious mind, you can’t make those changes.

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Your beliefs, habits and thought patterns have been programmed during your childhood by repetition from your parents, teachers, friends, the medias and the envirnment. This is why they can only be changed by repetition.

To just listen to subliminals to make changes in your life is not enough, but it will make it much easier. The longer you listen to a specific subliminal that shall change one belief or aspect of your life, the easier it will be to make the change. In some cases this change will happen almost by itself.

Let us assume you are very shy and you choose a subliminal that boosts your confidence. You have your subliminal run on your PC while you work. As you can’t hear the messages that will boost your self confidence, you are not disturbed by them. During days and weeks of having your subliminal run, your self confidence will be strengthened gradually. With the time you will be surprised how much more self confident you behave.

When you start using subliminals, choose one aspect of your life, which you want to change and have your subliminal run during day or night time. Have it play in a loop. During daytime have your subliminal play on a media player behind your files or websites on which you work, read or write. During nighttime have your PC or laptop or any mobile device beside your bed, choose a silent subliminal and have it play while you sleep. Your subconscious mind will soak in the messages and it will change with the repetitions.

Note that it is the daily repetitions. If you listen to a subliminal several times a day and then skip it for a few days or weeks, it will not work. You have to listen to a subliminal at least once a day for 4 weeks or longer.

You can listen to more than one subliminal at once and you can listen to them as often as you want. The more often you listen to them the better. If you listen to a subliminal for 4 weeks and then stop with this specific one, listen to it again from time to time.