The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind

What is the Subconscious Mind
This is a question which is not easy to answer. The subconscious mind surely is part of the cell information or is the cell information. Itt is your control cetner and its programming can hardly be changed with the conscious mind …article and video

How to Use Your Subconscious Mind
How to use your subconscious mind is easily explained and quickly learned. You can use your subconscious mind only in a deeper state of mind such as the alpha or theta state of mind...article and video

The Power of The Subconscious Mind
The power of the subconscious mind is almost limitless. The possibilities the potential of the subconscious mind offers are enormous…article and video

How to communicate with your Subconscious Mind
Find out how to communicate with your Subconscious Mind ... articles and video

Subconscious Mind Techniques
The utmost Subconscious Mind Technqiue is Mantra Meditation and the second is Hypnosis and very powerful are Subliminal Recordings ….article and vidoe
You Change Your Life if you change the Programming of your Subconscious Mind. Use supportive methods and tools to reprogram your subconscious mind.

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Already the term Subconscious Mind is discussed. My point of view is that it is part of the cell information. This means that the subconscious programming is in each cell of you. What might be more interesting is what is in the subconscious mind? A quick answer would be, everything which is not conscious. But this is too trivial and not right. For example, all your habits are part of the programming of the subconscious mind, but many of them are known to you consciously. The same is with all actions while you drive. You do not always think of every move you do, while you drive, but you could and would then be aware of them.

You could change habits with your conscious will by forcing you to repeat the habit which should replace the old one. But here is the point of the subconscious programming and this is that if you replace a habit with your will and effort, you can have a relapse any time. If you change the programming of the conscious mind regarding this habit, the chance to have a relapse is less big. And then there are parts of the programming of the subconscious mind, to which you just have no access with your conscious mind. For example you are not conscious about your hair growth and can’t change it with your conscious mind. You could increase your hair growth with subliminal recordings or with hypnosis.

What about the knowledge you have in your mind, which you have forgotten. When you are in a hypnotic state you know it. Is it part of the subconscious mind or in another part of your mind, which is the conscious mind. This shows you, how difficult it is to explain what the subconscious mind is and what is in it.
If you try to change your life only on the conscious level, it will be very difficult to accomplish your life changing goals, because the subconscious mind and its programming is your control center and controls your conscious level. This is why you have to reach the subconscious mind to make changes.

When it comes to changing the programming of the subconscious mind, it is vertain that it takes repetitions. Even when the new information is send directly to the subconscious mind with a method, which bypasses the conscious mind, the information has to be sent repetitively. How many repetitions it takes depends on how deep and how long the information, which you wish to change, is in the subconscious mind and some part of the programming is easier to be changed as other parts.

If the conscious and the subconscious mind are in synchronicity, it will be much easier and almost effortless to accomplish a change. To achieve this synchronicity, you have to reach your subconscious mind to change its programming. You can’t reach your subconscious mind with your conscious mind. You get help with the use of certain tools, such as Subliminals, Hypnosis, Visualization Techniques, such as visualizing with open or closed eyes and with wish videos. I recommend to use all methods and tools.

Make a wish video and watch it in the morning. You can have it run with the transparency turned high while you work on your pc or laptop and you can have subliminals run one after the other. They are more effective if you are relaxed, but you can work while they play. While you listen to a hypnosis audio, you should be fully relaxed, that is why it is best listening to them after you went to bed at night.

There is some effect, which I find very important, when it comes to changing the programming of your subconscious mind and to get the subconscious and the conscious mind work in synchronicity and this is what is called the emotional frequency of vibration. The emotional frequency of vibration has to do with how you feel. The best chance to achieve what you wish you have when you feel as if you already have it. It is interesting that Jesus has said that when you believe that something has already happened that it will happen. I was told that you find passages with quite the same content in all wholy books. Today scientists try to prove that this is true.

So there is very much about how you feel and how you vibrate, which the subconscious mind understands. The subconscious mind speaks an easy language, understands images and vibrations. You have to know that everything has its specific frquency of vibration. Every person, every kind of matter, every thought, has its specific frequency of vibration and, yes, there are endless different frequencies.

A person does not always have the same emotional frequency of vibration. The frequency changes during a day and during a life time. For a certain time in your life your frequeny stays in a certain bandwidth and you perceive what is in that bandwidth. To make a life change, which will be programmed in your subconscious mind, you have to change your emotional frequency of vibration. This means to feel as if you have already achieved what you wish to change.