Successful Life Change Tips

Make these Tips be a rule of your Life and stick to them.

Life Change Tip #1
people, animals, nature, town- and landscape and everything else, you can’t change, the way it is. Stop wanting to ‘change’ others. The only person you can change is yourself and with you everything else will change.

Life Change Tip #2
Decide to change yourself so that innate thoughts, feelings, emotions and bodily matters are managed in ways that facilitate improvement of Health, Creativity, Love, Happiness and Success.

Life Change Tip #3
Let yourself be guided by intuition instead of acting under pressure of fear, forced ideas and pre-conditioned behaviour.

Life Change Tip #4
Stop judging others convicting yourself. Stop preoccupation with things that create conflict.

Life Change Tip #5
Stop to worry. If you worry things happen anyway. If you don’t worry and put your energy in the good outcome, the chance that the outcome will be great is much higher. If you strongly believe in the positive outcome it will happen.

Life Change Tip #6
Smile often – a smile that says: I appreciate you and my life; thank you for being friendly and helpful and thank you anyway. Spread Joy and Light, instead of criticism and indifference. What you are sending out is coming back at you.

Life Change Tip #7
Be open towards childlikeness, simplicity, laughter and happiness. This kind of behaviour keeps you young.

Life Change Tip #8
Communicate with your Soul frequently to create the pleasant feeling of fulfilment and joy within.

Life Change Tip #9
Have joy to share with the world your dreams of an abundant, harmonic and peaceful future for all.

Life Change Tip #10
Accept yourself the way you are, including the opportunity to change.

Life Change Tip #11
Choose something when it is gracious, good, truthful and alive!

Life Change Tip #12
Avoid people who live in fear, with worry, dependency, conflict, dis-ease, dissatisfaction and unhappiness! Some of them are always right and often criticize others. Spending some time with those kind of people, they will infect you with their negativity. Note: Negative feelings are stronger as positive. You can’t change them. Only they can to change their own attitude and this is their own decision.

Life Change Tip #13
Gather with happy people who love life and all the good it offers, enjoy to sing, dance and celebrate it. Stay in the Light and in the positive vibration of Joy, Love, Happiness, Abundance and Success.

Life Change Tip #14
Make time for friends and family

Life Change Tip #15
Find all wishes you ever had, even the once that are not in your consciousness now, but still want to be fulfilled.

Life Change Tip #16
Help people who are in need

Life Change Tip #17
Stop being in stress. Learn to meditate and meditate regularly. You will not feel the stress and work more efficiently.

Life Change Tip #18
Be grateful for all you have. Take a moment each day to think about all you can be grateful for.