The Mind Power

The Mind Power

The Mind Power Is The Most Important Power There Is

The Mind Power is responsible for all which happens in your life. If you control your mind power, you control your life. Learn to control it.
Exercise your conscious and subconscious mind and develop your Mind Power to achieve your goals. Some say that the subconscious mind contains the programming from your birth till today, which controls your life. But the subconscious mind is much more than that. Besides that it contains all that has been programmed in your life, it is the bridge to the universal knowledge. This is why some say that the mind is infinite.

It is wonderful to imagine that through some new programming you might suddenly have all knowledge that Einstein or any other scientist had, but would you suddenly have the knowledge of all great men in your mind or all there is in your mind, you would go crazy. But in certain situations you suddenly know things, which you did not know about and you wonder. This has happened to me. I have never learned Italian. Years back I had a car accident in Italy. The driver of the other car, who was to blame for the accident, was an Italian. I shouted at him in pure Italian as if it was my mother tongue. He admitted that it was his fault and suddenly I could not recall any Italian anymore.

Now, imagine, you could get any knowledge you need at the time you need it. You can develop your mind power, reprogram the blocks in the program of your subconscious mind and create the life you really want.

Whatever your mind can imagine it can manifest. What your conscious mind believes, thinks, perceives and feels, is a result of what is programmed in your subconscious mind. If you wish to change what you perceive, meaning your environment, which includes your house and its surrounding, your car, your job, your income, you have to make changes of the programming of your subconscious mind. Just think of this enormous power!

With your thoughts and believes that are based on your subconscious programming, you can lose anything, stay in poverty, get sick, but you can also create anything you wish and even heal yourself.

As your subconscious mind is part of the all there is, you can dock to get anything you need to create a new reality and perceive a new home, new car, new work and whatever income you wish to earn. You can make changes with your will, but it will take a lot of effort and time. This is mind power at work.

Your mind can manifest anything you want, if you know how to use your power within you. You only have to send the right messages repeatedly to your subconscious. Stop to go through life without using mind power that is mainly in

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your subconscious mind.Someone once said that we only use 10% of our mind power and many have repeated that, but this is nonsense. As we don’t know how powerful our mind is, we can’t determine a percentage of how much we use it. Fact is that we could trigger much more of the power of our mind and get much more out of our lives.

As I already mentioned that we just can’t use so much more of our mind power at once, as we most probably would get mad. But imagine you use all mind power needed at a certain time or period of time to achieve a certain goal. The miracle word for achieving is FOCUS. Most people can’t focus very long on one certain objective.

You have enormous MIND POWER, you only need to learn how to ignite what you need at a certain time. You have to learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and to dock with the universal knowledge to use the part of the full potential of your mind power that is needed at a certain time to achieve a certain goal and subsequently manifest what you want.

You have to know what to focus on, before you start to reprogram your subconscious mind and get it to be your partner in getting what you want. So you first have to find out and determine exactly what you want. Of course what you want changes with the time and you will alter your plans with the time.

You create with your mind and this is what you then perceive and believe to see. I am sure you have experienced to see one and the same thing quite differently. For example, your partner is the most beautiful person as long as you are in love. If the relationship and your feelings to your partner change, your perception of him changes. But this is only an example. The perception changes with the time. And when you make changes in your subconscious programming, your perception of things will change.


You make things happen in your life. You do it with the power of your mind. If you learn more about your mind, you will more and more create your life the way you really want it. It is most important to get your subconscious mind in line with your consciously set goals and wishes. If you have beliefs that are holding you back to achieve a certain goal, you have to change it. You can’t change a limiting belief over night. It takes repetitions over several weeks and you have to get the new belief set in your subconscious mind.

You have to be taught to understand how your mind works, how to change beliefs and habits, change thought patterns, how to use your mind to make things happen as planned, how to perceive things the way you want to see it and how to send commands to your subconscious mind that it is your partner.

My tip: Only think of what you want. If you think of the past or anything you don’t want, wisk it away.

Do you want to be one of those people who lives their dreams, then you have to learn how to control the power of your mind and subconscious mind.

There is only one factor that separates people who are successful in life from people who are not? That component is how you control your personal mind power, meaning your mind power. If you use the power of your conscious mind and subconscious mind, you will live your dreams. You will put doubt and fear aside and immediate act upon your plans and stick to it until you achieved what you planned.

If you don’t take action toward your goals, they will stay desires and dreams. Later on in life you might ask yourself, what if I would have…. But you didn’t. Make a decision now and get active!

Most people have a job they dislike, think about what they can’t afford, are relatively unhappy and still they can’t get themselves step out of their tiny horizon. If you are one of those, know that you can get out of this unfortunate situation easily.

Are you moving into the direction of your dreams? Are you taking advantage of the power of your mind and accelerate getting from where you are to where you want to be? If you run into any obstacle, you will find a way to pass it. The solution will be offered from your mind. It will support you to achieve any goal, no matter how high it is, if you know how to control it.

Get your Mind Power under control to control your life.