Get a Vision of Your Life Change

Get a Vision of Your Life Change



Imagine – plan – vision – visualize – do – achieve

After you have imagined imagined how you really want to live, make a vision of your desired future life. Make a vision of all aspects of your life.

As you were imagining, you tried to figure out what you really want in life. You also tried to awaken your innermost wishes and desires and you were told not to set yourself any limits.

In the visioning phase you have to hold the vision you got as you imagined your life. You can make a vision of your desired future in your mind, you can make a vision board or a video with your vision that helps you to hold your vision in your mind – respectively it reminds you of your vision whenever you watch the video.

Do not underestimate this point of your successful life change.
To get and hold a vision of your desired future life is the basis for planning and visualizing. The better you can hold this vision, the better and faster you will manifest the content of this vision.

Become a visionaire by creating a vision about your future life. Your vision should include: Your dream home, the maximum of the income you wish to earn, your appearance, all your wishes, all, which is important to you, and include your family, friends and all people, whom you like and who are important to you.

When you are imagining, planning and visioning, forget all limitations, let your most audacious wishes into your vision and set your creativity free. As in dreaming, also in visioning all is possible. When you imagine your vision then do it as big and fantastic as possible. Collect photos and images (e.g. from the Internet) and make a Mind Movie (a video showing your vision = digital vision board) from your vision. Using the Mind Movie Kit is easy. In addition, the transparency of the video can be minimized that it is hardly visible on the screen, so the movie can constantly run while you work, read and answer mails or browse or do any kind of work on your PC or laptop.

The more often you see your Mind Movie, the quicker your vision will get embedded into your subconscious mind and the quicker your vision will manifest. (In other articles here on SLC you will read more about the importance of getting your subconscious mind in line with your consciously set goals and wishes.)

You can download premade Mind Movies for FREE. But of course the power to manifest will increase manifold when you watch a Mind Movie made with your own photos and images chosen yourself. You will effortlessly attract abundance and prosperity in your private and business life. All this you will accomplish with the support of the Mind Movie Kit for a price incredibly low. A MUST BUY for a much better future life.

Click on the link below and see how Ryan explains the function and the results of Mind Movies as also what is coming with the kit – let yourself be surprised about all the bonuses. At the end of the movie, you can download 6 premade Mind Movies for FREE.

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What does Mindmovies do?

To visualize you need a VISION!

Our thoughts are vibrating energy. Ee can create anything we want by focusing our thoughts on the very thing we want. Everything else is taken care of by the law of attraction. We are what we think most of the time.

Let me explain this more into detail:
We think in pictures. When you think about going grocery shopping, you already see yourself in the supermarket and various images of the supermarket. If going grocery shopping is fun for you, you will be delighted by the thought and your body changes its vibration to being delighted.

Let us say you got more than enough money to go buy a new outfit and you have enough time to do that. You might think of a shopping mall or of a street with elegant boutiques. You think of the feeling of new clothes and you have in mind what you want to purchase. You might also have in mind to stop for a coffee or for some lunch. Everything that you think off going shopping for a new outfit is very pleasant. The thought of going shopping for a new outfit will therefore change your vibration tremendously high.

The thought changes your vibration and your emotion. Vibration and emotion makes you get going = makes you act. Your action will bring results.

I hope you start to understand why the Phase of Visioning is so important to change your life exactly as you want it. Why? A vision = images (pictures) that are the most important stage of manifesting.

How can you keep your thoughts on what you really want and not continuously going back into problem-thinking? The simplest way to hold a mental picture or whatever you desire as long and as often as possible is seeing it and having it in front of your inner eye. This is done by mind movies. With the software of mind movies you can change the transparency and you can play your own mind movie, which will lie almost unseen above whatever you work on, your unconscious mind will soak it in.

The more often you see images of your wishes, you will more and more feel as if you already have what you want, until your belief becomes a certainty, and certainty is paramount to manifesting.


Vision your dream home

You have to have a clear vision of your dream house. Be precise about where you want to live. How big your future home should be. Imagine every room and every detail and make a vision of it. Write everything down, make drawings of all rooms including all objects (furniture, decor). Think of colors and the combination of colors, as this is of paramount importance for your well-being. The same applies for materials used. Use natural materials (wood, leather, cotton, silk). And you have to choose a style.

While you are visioning do not think about costs, as you would limit your possibilities in advance. Think that if you need a certain amount of money you will have more than enough of it. = This is what you are visioning for!!!

Drawing your visions could be helpful as you could make three-dimensional drawings. In the Internet you find sketching programs to download for free. Look in magazines and books, showing beautiful and luxurious living and furnishings, and cut out photos and images which are near to your vision (Use them on Vision Boards and scan them into your PC to use them in your Mind Movies), look for photos from yourself. Very important: Describe in present tense. Then attach your drawings, images and photos onto a picture frame or a pin-board and position it somewhere where you often see it. Whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of your vision and wishes and it will enter deeper into your subconscious mind.

The combination of your Mind Movie with your Vision-Board will be absolutelypowerful to bring your vision into your reality fast. Basically all you wish already exists, though you have to learn to perceive it.


Vision to achieve the income you desire

There is no millionair or billionair who made his fortune with one salary. You must have more than one resource of income. You find inspirations about multiple incomes under Success Coaching. Or look at: The THRILLIONAIRES (a Social Site for people, who want to live an Extraoridnary Life) They offer trainings directed to achieve the goal of earning multiple incomes. 

Vision your appearance

Before anyone else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. With other words: When you don’t believe into yourself, how should anyone else do that? That others believe that you are a wealthy person and treat you like it, you have to have a certain appearance and should radiate to be wealthy. Actors, singers and musicians, who are or want to become successful, have a stylist, who creates an image for them. They create a certain style of their clothes and hair and study with them the way they move, talk and behave. Thanks to the internet you easily can look for an idol and get more information of the chosen personality. Though, do not copy another person, but rather find your own style and create your own image. And then make a vision of it.


Live with the vision of your desired future life in mind

After you have chosen all important facts of your future life and got a vision if it, live it, dress, move, speak and behave exactly as the person you want to be. Play your Mind Movie as often as you can. Look at your vision-board several times a day. Appreciate what you have visioned and look forward to have it with joy. Following this formula will draw all you want into your reality.

Always make a vision of whatever you wish and it will become reality fast.

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